King Mutharasa Chola has a desire for a long time to built a murugan temple and he decided to construct the temple at the place Poravachery. He orders, one sculptor to carve the idol. That sculptor has beautifully made the Murugan idol with six faces seated on a peacock leg alone total weight 1⁄2 ton with the support of Prabhavali.

On seeing the beauty of this
idol the king orders to his soldiers to cut off right hand fingers of the sculptor’s, so that he will never make such a beautiful statue again.


Undaunted, the sculptor went to the nearby village called Ettukkudi and carved another statue with his left hand. This idol of lord Murugan here is also built with the support of Prabhavali and standing on pea- cock leg alone with 1⁄2 ton weight.


Knowing this, Mutha- rasa Chola blinded both eyes of the sculptor. Without both eyes then the sculptor again designed one murugan idol ditto same idol at the place called Enkan with the help of one small girl.

The idol of Lord Murugan here is also built with the sup- port of Prabhavali standing on peacock leg alone with 1⁄2 ton weight. At the time of opening the eyes of the idol the sculptor’s got his sight back by the grace of lord Murugan.


The idol of Shrungagiri sri shanmukha temple in bangalore has a special feature that is more special than above three temples. This murugan statue with six faces, is weighing about 1 ton is constructed in such a way that whole weight on two legs of the peacock and not by the support of prabhavali. which is a very unique creation.

This idol is carved in a way like there is space between Murugan’s leg and peacock’s leg.Sthapathi Durai Achari from Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu has designed this statue and Stapati Mr.Selvaraj from Kumbakonam has helped in constructing this temple.

Sri Trichy Maha Swamigal of Rajarajeshwari temple was the main reason for initiation of this idol. This statue has been erected as per his instructions



In any Murugan temple one cannot see 6 faces of Lord murugan, only 3 faces have been shown to the devotees the remaining 3 faces are shown in the mirror. It is the only temple where the devotees can see all the six faces of Lord Murugan, 3 faces from the front and 3 faces from the back of the enclosure.


This temple was constructed in a hexagonal shape. Around 3000 idols of Lord Ganesha were kept in the temple premises for the sight of devotees. The Ga- nesha idols here are made of different materials and shapes are a feast to the eyes of devotees and which cannot be seen anywhere else.
During yearly special poojas Adi Kiruthikai, Skantha Shasti, Soora samharam, Thirukalyanam, Karthikai Deepam, Thai Poosam and Panguni uthiram more than 40,000 devotees would participate in these festival functions. Apart from this daily abhishekam and alankara will be performed to Lord Shanmukha and during Special occasions like full moon day, Shasti and Vaikasi visagam thousands of devotees have visit to this temple and receive the blessings of lord shanmukha Swamy.

Panchamukhi Ganesha Sitting on Heramba (Lion)

There are about 300 steps to reach this Murugan temple. Before reaching the Shanmukha temple a five-faced Ganesha statue known as Sri Panchmukhi Vinayagar Temple was constructed.

Another highlight of this temple is that, the five faces of Lord Ganesha are built so that devotees can see them from all four directions.

Spatika Linga Arunachaleswara Temple (Lord Shiva)

Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple. This temple is designed with the concept of “Lord Shiva is seating inside a serpent’s coil”. Specialty of this temple is, Sri Arunachaleswarar represented here as a “Spatika” at a height of 3 feet.

Arunachaleswara Temple outside view

56 Feet Thrishula

The temple is designed like that the snake and the Thirishula are the tower for this temple. The Thirisula erected on this temple is 56 feet height.


Milk Abhishekam

Another special feature of this temple is that, the devotees themselves can perform the “Milk Abhishekam” on the full moon day on each month to Lord Arunachaleswara.


Devotees who come on this day, pour the milk they will bring into a steel placed on top of this temple, from where the milk comes through steel pipes into a silver Pot and falls on “Lord Shiva” for abhishekam.

Our Deacons

Sri Sri Jagadguru Bharathi Theertha Swamiji

Sri Sri Vidhushekara Bharati Maha Swamiji

This temple was built as said by Sringeri Sri Bharati Theertha Swamiji. After the construction of this temple 3 acres of land and temple handed over to Sringeri Mutt as donation. Shastras and Poojas are followed in this temple as like in Sringeri. This temple is doing well due to the blessings of Sringeri Sri Bharathi Theertha Swamiji and Sri Vidhushekhara Bharati Maha Swamiji.

Shanmukha Temple

As a contractor nominated by god Sri.Arunachalam and his family were built this temple with blessings of Swamiji and Lord Murugan’s Grace. It is noteworthy that this Shrungagiri Sri Shanmukha Temple is the place where Lord Muruga sat on his own accord.


This beautiful temple of Sri Karumari Amman is situated in a serene place over a manmade hillock opposite to Shrungagiri Sri Shanmuka temple in Rajarajeswari Nagar, Bangalore, India. It is a small temple with the vimana gopuram  over  the sanctum sanctorium (like Thanjavur Brahadheeswara temple). The temple is in the form of a temple ratham with four stone wheels creating a feeling that Sri Karumari is sitting in the ratham as the main deity.

Visit website: www.karumari.org

Shrungagiri Sri Shanmukha Temple

Prayer complex with a soaring temple tower featuring the six faces of Hindu deity Lord Shanmukha.


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